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10+ Stained Glass Window Patterns – Home Decor

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10+ Stained Glass Window Patterns – Home Decor – Vector cut workmanship is a simple method to begin making your own stained glass design. The vector design spares the picture as lines that make basic clasp craftsmanship pictures. These pictures are anything but difficult to alter and don’t get barbed when amplified. These free vector cut workmanship pictures permit you to augment, shading, or consolidate pictures to make your example.

Make another organizer in your illustrations program and name it “My glass design cut workmanship objects” or whatever you will recall. Discover the pictures you are keen on, “right snap” on the picture or follow the site bearings for downloading their pictures, and spare them into this organizer. Select which items will work for this specific stained glass example or start an assortment of clasp craftsmanship pictures for use now and later on.


sells proficient plan packs while giving a free download to 500+ vector cut workmanship structures, trimmings, and symbols from 35 of those expert packs. Download and import these straightforwardly into most realistic projects.


offers free vector cut craftsmanship documents free for business and individual use. Look over occasions, wedding, valentine, anime, and the sky is the limit from there.


gives vector cut workmanship, free, for private utilize as it were. The free pictures are not for business use. Look over the game, mascot, creatures, dream, ancestral, tattoo, transportation, individuals, decorations, and articles.

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Free-cut art.com

contains sports, food, strict, wedding, training, clinical, occasion, music, transportation, and fringes vector cut workmanship. These vector cut workmanship pictures will download in a.zip design. Spare the compress record by right tapping on the compressed document symbol to open it and spare it to the proper document on your PC.

There might be times when you see something in a photograph that arranges components you need use to structure a stained glass design. You can utilize photographs for structure components or locate a basic photograph to follow and use for stained glass design.

Publicdomainphotos.com is where the photographs are allowed to use for individual or business use, Public area essentially implies that the picture taker has delivered the copyright of the photograph so others can utilize it for their activities. This site incorporates blossoms, food, and scene photos absolutely more than 5,000 photos to take a gander at for motivation for a stained glass window design.


The decent insight concerning Imagebase.net is that you can look for objects. I found a very close photo of a key that can without much of a stretch be followed and made into a stained glass design.

BurningWell.com is a store of open space photos to be utilized for individual and business use. The surface is an extraordinary class on this site for grass, mists, structures, and thoughts for the ground including rocks.

Free photos and Font play offers more than 10,000 photos and text style pictures that can be utilized for making a stained glass design.


Photorack.net is a joint effort of free stock photographs to use in any innovative way you pick. Water and fowls are a typical subject in stained glass window craftsmanship. This duck in the water photograph is anything but difficult to follow and be made into individual stained glass pieces to frame a leaded stained glass window.

Another approach to get the picture you need for your stained glass design is to examine it into your PC. Spare the entirety of the pictures into your organizer you made for this example so all that you have found, downloaded, duplicated, and examined is together and prepared for you to consolidate to structure your example.

To draw your example start by opening up the pictures you need to join for your example into a photograph altering program. Print the picture in “grayscale”. Imprinting in “grayscale” makes the edges of the pictures more characterized and simpler to follow.

Tape one picture at a time onto a window that has light coming through it and tape a clear piece of paper over it. Follow the edges of the picture shapes with a pencil. Keep in mind, as you follow the shapes, you will be cutting each shape into glass pieces. Contingent upon your aptitude level for cutting stained glass the pieces ought to be made enormous while keeping the general picture unmistakable. You may need to include extra lines so singular pieces can be cut.

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Rehash for each picture you need to join for your stained glass design.

Sweep each pencil drawing onto your PC and into a photograph altering project and print out the pictures. Cut around each picture. Utilize an enormous bit of white paper or tape a few sheets of printing paper together so it is bigger than your completed example will be. Tape each picture into place. With a pencil add lines to interface each picture ensuring every individual piece can be cut into a stained glass piece.

Draw an Outside

Draw an outside jumping box the specific size you need your stained glass window to be. Associate each picture to this case. Recollect that all the lines don’t need to be straight yet don’t make them so bent that they can’t be cut into stained glass pieces.

Number each bit of your example. Choose which pieces will be what shading and start a shading code.” Blk” for dark, “Y” for yellow, “Gr” for green,” Gry” for dim, and so forth. Put the shading code onto each piece close by of the number.

On each piece put cut lines delineating what direction the grain will go. This will be significant when utilizing stained glass with streaks or surfaces. You will need to cut each bit of that hued stained glass a similar way so your example streams.

Make three duplicates of your completed example. One will be put on a level surface and be utilized as the layout, one will be cut into singular pieces and the third duplicate will be for reserve on the off chance that you have to re-cut pieces or for reference.